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Anna Kinley,, , CPNP

Anna Kinley, CPNP

Anna is from Marietta, Georgia and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. After completing her BSN program, she moved with her husband to Birmingham, Alabama where she completed a nurse residency program and rotated through an Infant/Toddler floor, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she discovered her passion for neonates. She permanently became a part of the NICU family at Children’s of Alabama, learning a great deal in her two years with the level IV nursery.

Her husband’s job then transferred them to Melbourne, Florida. Anna gained another four years of NICU experience at the local hospital and had the opportunity to cross train and work in the Mother/Baby unit. While spending most of her time assessing newborns and providing care to them, she also gained experience helping new mothers with breastfeeding and educating new parents. She became passionate about providing education to parents and realized she would like to end up in a primary care setting.

After returning to the Atlanta area to be close to family gave Anna the opportunity to complete her Master’s program. While in school, Anna gained Urgent Care experience working for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Anna had the opportunity to do two clinical rotations at Dawson Pediatrics while in school where she grew to love the staff and all of the patients. After completing her Masters of Science in Nursing and passing her board certification to be a Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Anna worked briefly at another private pediatric practice before coming to work for Dawson Pediatrics.

In addition to her clinical practice, Anna has two small children with her husband, Jameson. They enjoy beach vacations and spending time as a family.

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