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Meet and Greet

For parents who are expecting or thinking of transferring care to our practice, we set aside a special time each month for them to come, see our office, meet our providers and ask us questions about our services, policies, and views on medical care.  Meet and greets are typically schedule beginning at 6:30pm and will last approximately a 30 minute group meeting.  

Our 2017 schedule for our Meet and Greet is listed below.  Please call our office and let us know if you plan to attend one of these sessions or if have any special questions in mind.

2017  Meet and Greet Date        
Hosted By:
Wedensday, January 11 Debra Flax, CPNP, PMHS
Thursday, February 9 Dr. Glenda Pettaway and Debra Flax, CPNP, PMHS
Tuesday, March 14 Dr. Honorio Bulos
Wednesday, April 12 Dr. Glenda Pettaway
Thursday, May 11 Holly Vali, PPCNP-BC
Tuesday, June 6 Dr. Glenda Pettaway
Wednesday, July 12 Dr. Honorio Bulos
Thursday, August 10 Holly Vali, PPCNP-BC
Tuesday, September 12 Dr. Honorio Bulos
Wednesday, October 11 Debra Flax, CPNP, PMHS
Thursday, November 9 Dr. Honorio Bulos
Tuesday, December 12 Debra Flax, CPNP, PMHS

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