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We perform periodic well-child checks based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended Periodic Schedule designed to track the development of each child and adolescent.

Once you are home from the hospital, it is VERY important that you call your insurance company and tell them the baby has been born.  The insurance company will not pay for any services that the baby received in the hospital or afterwards if you do not call them to tell them he/she has been born and to please add them to the policy.

To help ease you and your new bundle of joy into your first office visits and to make your experience more enjoyable, we recommend you download and complete our Newborn Paperwork packet prior to your arrival.  

Your Baby’s Schedule for Doctor’s Visits

There are several schedules for routine well baby visits. The schedule that Dawson Pediatrics recommends is given below. (* Vaccine is given)  
We think the well-baby examination is an ideal time to discuss concerns or questions with the physicians. This may include special questions you have about immunizations, nutrition, growth and development, accident prevention and family related concerns. If you have important questions, it is a good idea to write them down before going for your well-baby visit, you will save time and won’t forget any of the questions you wanted to discuss.

Congratulations on your new Bundle of Joy! If there is anything the staff and physicians at Dawson Pediatrics can do for you or your family, just let us know. We are happy to help!    

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