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Transfering To Us?

We welcome all new patients.  If you are tranferring to our practice from another group it is important that you request your previous medical records for continuation of care.  If you'd like to save time, you may print our Medical Records Release to fill out and send to your child's previous provider before your first appointment.

Typically, for routine well checks, we request that you provide a copy of your child's iimunization history prior to or during your first visit with us.  If you are unable to provide your immunization history from your previous provider and they were located in Georgia, we can obtain the immunization history through the State database.  

If you child is from out-of-state, we are not able to obtain the history from a published database and we will request that you have this at a minimum prior to your appointment if possible.  Without the immunization history, important vaccines may be delayed if needed.

For children with special needs or mental health concerns, it is very important that we recieve all medical records prior to the first visit, if possible. This allows us the opportunity to update our medical record with important health history facts regarding your child's health and prior treatments. Although we will not require this for emergent, non-routine visits, it is important that a parent or legal gaurdian be present to act as the medical historian. Please know that while we are here to help, we may not be able to prescribe certain medications without your child's prior medical records.


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