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We welcome your after-hours calls because we know the anxiety of having a sick child. We also want you to avoid the ER when it is not necessary. We offer this as a free service, but please be aware that we are charged a fee by the answering service and by the Nurse Line every time a call is made.  We ask that if you place an after-hours call that you provide a reliable phone number so we can reach you when we return your call.  If possible, an alternate contact number is also helpful.  Please disable any call blocking, and enable and listen to your voice mail if you miss our return call.

Please call during regular office hours for prescription refills and other non-urgent questions.

Just like during regular office hours, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you believe that your child has a life-threatening emergency.

Call Poison Control (800-222-1222) for any accidental ingestions.

For other, non-urgent needs, call our office number (706-216-2771) and the answering service will page the practitioner you request. To get the best response, ask for the practitioner who saw your child most recently for the current illness or ask for the practitioner who is most familiar with your child if the call is regarding an illness that has not been addressed by anybody else.

Please call again if you do not get any response within 30 minutes. Sometimes, the message doesn’t get through or the doctor is not able to call immediately.

After 11:00 PM, calls are routed to the Nurse Line of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a team of dedicated triage nurses, well-trained to handle after-hour calls. If, however, the nurse feels it is in your child’s best interest, she may direct you to the ER or send the call back to one of our practitioners for further assistance.

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