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Patient Portal

Dawson Pediatrics is excited to offer it's patient portal to our established patients.  Creating a portal account for your child is a secure, convienent way to access your child's medical record.  We hope that you decided to use this service and take advantage of all the portal has to offer.

Why is the patient portal beneficial?

  • Review Office Visit Notes
  • Immunization Forms Request
  • Referral Request
  • Email Advice Line
  • Presciption Renewal
  • Message the Office
  • Future Appointments
  • Check account balances

Assigned Surveys through the Portal

The providers will assign important developmental surveys to your child's portal account for the parent/gaurdian or at times for the adolescent/teen to complete prior to their well-child exam.  These surveys help the provider observe your child's developmental milestones and identify and barriers to development that may need early intervention.  

By assigning these surveys to your child's portal account, it allows you to complete the surveys in the comfort of your own home and lessen the amount of paperwork requried during the office visit.  Once the surveys are complete, they will be saved to your child's medical record for office use.

How do I get a portal account or login to my current portal account?

If you are interested in creating a portal account for your child, please contact one of our team members who will assist you in setting up an account for your child.  If you currently have a portal account, please visit http://portal.dawsonpediatrics.com.  You will use the email you provided our office with and your private password to login.  If you have forgotten your email address or password, please contact one of our team members to assist you with a recovery and reset.
Patient Portal

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