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Asthma Management

Unfortunately, asthma is becoming common in the pediatric population.  Although common, it is important to understand what asthma is and how to properly manage your child's asthma.  

We have developed an Asthma 101 handout to help explain what asthma is and how you can help control asthma. Developing a plan to control your child's asthma and prevent exacerbations is key to successful management of asthma and will help ensure your child enjoys a good quality of life. Routine office follow-ups and regular communication with our office related to your child's symptoms are imperative to your child's health.

If your child is diagnosed with Asthma, we will enroll your child into a Care Plan specifically designed as a tool for our Care Coordinators to monitor and assist you with your child's asthma.  He/she will call you periodically to ensure they come for necessary follow-up visits, help you determine if additional services are needed depending on your child's stability or exacerbations with asthma and ensure you understand and follow your child's unique Asthma Action Plan as designed by you and your provider.

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