Care Coordination and Referrals

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Dawson Pediatrics is pleased to have two dedicated Care Coordinators at our practice.  The primary role of these specialized team members is to meet patient needs.  They support patients by clearly communicating updates among your primary provider and specialty care providers.  In addition to facilitating clear communication and updates regarding your child's health, our Care Coordinators also assist with referral coordination, triage phone support, chronic care needs, newborn follow-ups, hospital or urgent care follow-ups and much more. 

If one of our providers determines that your child requires a referral to a specialist for further evaluation, our dedicated Care Coordinators will assist you with making the specialist appointment, ensuring the specialist recieves all pertinent information regarding your child's medical history prior to their appointment and will ensure that we recieve the specialist note and communicate any outcomes or new findings to your child's primary care provider. Click here to find helpful information regarding the referral process and what you can expect from us and your specialist.
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