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Sick Visits

If your child is sick but you are not sure that it warrants an appointment, ask the receptionist if a doctor or nurse is available. If not, you may leave a message that is specific about the nature of the illness, what you have tried so far, how long the illness has been going on and if it is getting worse.

Please provide a reliable means of contacting you (cell phone and landline). A nurse or doctor, preferably the one who is most familiar with your child, should be able to call within an hour. Have pen and paper ready so you won’t rely on memory for instructions for at-home treatment. Sometimes, you may be advised to make an appointment for an office visit.

If an office visit is necessary, it is our preference that your child see your "regular" practitioner that is most familiar with your child.  We realize that this may not always be possible due to schedule limitations or if a practitioner's schedule availability does not match your schedule.  We strive to always be available to you.  If your regular practitioner is not available, we prefer that your child be seen at our office by another provider rather than going to urgent care while our office is open.  All practitioners at our office have access to your child's medical record and are able to communicate with your regular practitioner if consultation is needed.

Acute and Chronic Illnesses

In an effort to more efficiently serve you, we offer an “express visit” for patients with simple complaints like sore throat, earaches, other upper respiratory illness, vomiting and diarrhea. Those with multiple or vague complaints or chronic illnesses, such as recurrent abdominal pains, headaches, asthma and ADHD are given consultation appointments that need a longer and more thorough assessment.

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