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Tracking Child Development

We perform periodic well-child checks based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended Periodicity Schedule designed to track the development of each child and adolescent.  It is important that you see your "regular" practitioner for your child's well-child checks.

During these visits, we gather information about nutrition, sleep, developmental milestones, academic performance, visits to other healthcare providers, safety and environmental issues, and family issues and concerns that may impact further development or cause potential risks and problems. We discuss ongoing concerns and if any significant changes are made or new problems or risks are uncovered, we take the extra time needed to facilitate appropriate or requested referrals, perform additional tests or procedures or do additional counseling above and beyond the scope of the health check.

Sometimes, these additional procedures, time-intensive discussions and counseling constitute a separate consultation or visit of its own.  We strive to address additional findings or concerns during the well-child visit when the patient is already available face-to-face. This avoids having to make an additional appointment that will take more time from your own busy schedules. However, if for any reason this is not possible, we can agree to schedule a separate appointment to address these concerns.

Health Check Summary

Here is a quick summary of the regular health checks we provide. In general, we review past health history, past or recent surgical history, family and social history and updates, check vital signs and anthropometric measurements and growth charts, perform age-appropriate complete physical exam and anticipatory guidance. Children with special healthcare needs may have additional or different schedules.
Newborn visit Usually done within 3-5 days after birth; review birth and maternal history, breastfeeding evaluation, postnatal depression scale, follow-up any test results or records from birth hospital; additional tests or services may include neonatal bilirubin for jaundice, newborn metabolic screen if not done in the hospital, hearing screen using OAE if necessary, Hepatitis B vaccine if not given at birth.
2 week visit Hepatitis B given if not given at hospital or at the Newborn visit.
1 month visit 2nd Hepatitis B vaccine may be given now or at 2 months old, if preferred TB Risk Assessment
2 month visit 2 month ASQ (developmental survey),Pentacel, Prevnar, and Rotateq (oral) vaccines.
4 month visit 4 month ASQ (developmental survey), Lead Screening, TB Risk Assessment, Pentacel, Prevnar and Rotateq (oral) vaccines; Hemoglobin or CBC if at risk for anemia (eg. Premature, significant family history, etc.).
6 month visit 6 month ASQ (developmental survey), Lead Screening, TB Risk Assessment, Pentacel, Prevnar and Rotateq (oral) vaccines, SPOT vision testing.
9 month visit 9month ASQ (developmental survey), TB Risk Assesment, Hepatitis B vaccine, SPOT vision testing offered.
12 month visit 12 month ASQ (developmental survey), Lead Screening, TB Risk Assessment, Hepatitis A, MMR, Varivax vaccines, Lead Screening, CBC, TB Risk and SPOT vision testing offered, Dental Screening
15 month visit 15 month ASQ (developmental survey), Lead Screening, TB Risk Assesment, Prevnar, SPOT vision screening offered.
18 month visit 18 month ASQ, MCHAT, TB Risk Assessment, Lead Screening, Referral to Dental Home, Pentacel and Hepatitis A vaccines.
24 month visit 24 month ASQ (developmental survey), MCHAT, Lead Screening, TB Risk Assessment, Pentabel and Hepatits A vaccines, CBC, Dyslipidemia Screening (perform Lipid Panel if high risk), SPOT vision screening offered.
30 month vist 30 Month ASQ (developmental survey), Lead Screening, TB Risk Assessment, MCHAT, Dyslipidemia (perform Lipid Panel if high risk),  any catch up vaccines if needed, SPOT vision screending offered.
3 year visit 3 year ASQ, TB Risk Assessment, Lead Screening, Dyslipidemia Risk Assessment (Lipid Panel if high risk), catch up vaccines if needed, Hearing Screen (OAE), SPOT vision screening offered.
4 year visit 4 Year ASQ, Lead screening, TB risk assessment, Dyslipidemia Lipid Panel if high risk), Brenner (Healthy Habits),MMR, Varivax, DTAP, IPV vaccines given before kindergarten, vision screen, pure tone, OAE done if not cooperative with Pure Tone, SPOT test offered,Urinalysis.
5-9 year visits ASQs (age appropriate), Lead screening, TB Risk Assessment, Dyslipidemia (Lipid Panel if high risk), Brenner (Healthy Habits), Hearing and Vision Screens.
10 year visit Tb Risk Assessment, Dyslipidemia ( Lipid Panel if high risk), Brenner, BMI Assessment, Hearing and Vision Screens.
11-12 year visits Developmental Screening Surveys (Child Self Report), TB Risk Assessment, Brenner, Dyslipidemia(Lipid Panel if high risk), Menactra, TDAP and Gardasil (HPV) vaccines, Hearing and Vision Screens, Urinalysis, BMI Assessment.
13-21 year visits Age Appropriate Screenings, Lipid panel at least 3-5 years from last test, BMI Assessment, HPV (if not already done), 

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